Our Programs


HCA will focus on the following key components for every one 2-hour session per week:
We help you develop the appropriate technique, on running between wickets, innings building and game assessment.
Here you’ll learn proper pace and spin; to apply safe effective actions; to use stock ball, do variations and assess batsmen.
Master throwing technique, body position and catching.
Move with the heartbeat of your team; develop footwork, glovework and advance as a leader on the field.

One To One

The HCA offers one-to-one coaching sessions for professional cricket players.
It is the most recommended method of learning and mastering the sport for those keen on speeding up their development process.
Our one-on-one sessions are not only intensive but also tailored to match your unique needs as a cricketer. Whether it’s focusing on bowling or batting, we have the ideal class you will need to become a professional cricketer.
Bowling Specialist Sessions
These dedicated classes provide remodelling bowling actions, for injury concerns and for improved consistency in performance on paces, swings, spins, and dips. In addition, you can also learn stock ball and variation development, and proper batsman evaluation. Indeed, our classes offer more than your average fast bowling courses.
Batting Specialist Sessions
For players seeking depth in batting, these classes offer technique refinement and tools to cultivate a batting plan comprising of shot selection, match assessment and innings building.
With the intensive and battle-tested techniques from our one-on-one sessions, you can be the best cricketer on any field with any team, in India — or anywhere in the world.